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Electrical Services

Electrical Services

electrician Seattle

Electrician Seattle

Pro Handyman Electrician Seattle offers diverse electrical services to residential and commercial properties. With a wealth of electrical experience, our qualified electricians will ensure all work is completed efficiently and to a high standard. We are your source for prompt, cost-effective electrical solutions. From electrical service work to new construction and remodels, we do it all and we do it all extremely well. No matter the project, rest assured we will get it done with precision and efficiency.

No electrical Job is too big or too small. We do all kinds of electrical work in homes and in businesses. We offer free estimates and have no over time charge and guarantee the best rates in the Baltimore city and county, as well as all areas within 50 miles. Which will let you know what is safe as far as fire hazards, grounding appliances for protection, code corrections, and safety for you and your family. Our business works with, home owners, businesses, restaurant, chains and more.

Electrical Contractors Seattle

Our experienced electrician provides many electrical services including replacing switches and bulbs, plugs and fuses, sockets and dimmer switches. Our professional electricians Seattle WA are perfect for simple electrical repair and maintenance services: replace and repair light fittings, change extractor fans, fault finding. We will also replace transformers and smoke alarms as well in residential and commercial settings. In addition, our team is equipped to install ceiling fans, interior lighting, exterior lighting, and beyond. We also offer all home theater set up and full electrical service panel upgrades.

Seattle Electrician Handyman

Whether you are doing bathroom maintenance, electrical repairs or general repairs in your home, multiple systems including your electrical service are frequently involved. For example, electric water heater installation requires a connection to your electrical circuit, as does garbage disposal installation. While minor lighting and breakers and outlets are the main electrical work we do, pretty much any home improvement and many installations will have an electrical component involved, making a local handyman service like us indispensable.

Remember, you don’t always need to pay the exorbitant prices of some electricians when you need electrical repairs done. Our electricians Seattle specialize in repairs and maintenance and can bring that expertise to your home or office.

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